Men love Pelay / Why Is It So Different?

You can find tons of products for men suffering with premature ejaculation on the market, but only Pelay uses a unique combination of several active substances, and its water-based, lubricated formula is engineered for fast absorption of these substances through the penis skin to control men's ejaculation time.


Unlike the other desensitizing sprays and gels out here, Pelay does not use Lidocaine. Instead, it uses a combination of several active ingredients that not only help men last longer, but also control the time of the orgasm with the same level of arousal and pleasure when having sex.

Sex is not just about lasting as long as possible - it is about the moment. With Pelay, you will enjoy it.


There are products for PE that a man needs to use 3-4 hours before sexual intercourse. There are also some topical sprays that require 10-15 minutes to absorb. Pelay goes beyond  - with the use of our Pelay Applier, you need just 4 minutes and you are ready to go.

Control the time of your climax - the reduced sensitivity typically for lasts up to 45 minutes, which is enough time to pleasure your partner too.


Men suffer from PE in their 30's but also in their 60's. It's a problem that affects men at any stage of life. Pelay is safe, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. There were NO negative side effects found in tests, and it is also safe for daily use.

It's the new lifestyle product for men who want to be a sex rockstar anytime and anywhere!

But that's Not All!
Not at all!
  • Does not require a condom (however one can be used)
  • Can be easily washed off prior to intercourse
  • Does not transmit into partner
  • Does not require a doctor's prescription
  • Can be used for oral or anal sex too
  • We ship worldwide and 100% discreetly
Effectivity in an ordinary way / How does it works?

Each Pelay Starter Pack also comes with our revolutionary Pelay Applier - a unique tool that helps absorb Pelay Gel's active ingredients into the penis in no time.

Simply put small amount of the Pelay Gel on your Penis
  • 4 to 5 drops should be enough for everyone.
  • Do not worry about overdosing, as this is never an issue with Pelay
  • One Gel will last for more than 40 usages! (Even if you need more than 5 drops!)
Use the Pelay Applier to massage the Gel into your penis
  • Start on the glans and continue rubbing it down to the root.
  • The applier generates special frequency vibrations with a light that will help to absorb the Gel faster.
  • Massage the Gel on your penis with the Applier for about 4 minutes.
  • You can use the Pelay Gel without the Applier (10 minutes to absorb).
4 minutes later and it's showtime!
  • You can easily wash off the remaining Gel prior to intercourse (necessary for oral sex)
  • You can also keep it on for its lubricating effect
Put 3-4 drops of Pelay Gel on your penis
Use the Pelay Applier for about 4 minutes to massage it in
Penis sensitivity is reduced for up to 45 minutes
all you need / Pelay Starter Pack

The Pelay Starter Pack contains everything you need to forgot about premature ejaculation. In the 100% discreet packaging you will find one bottle of the Pelay Gel and one Pelay Applier.

You can purchase additional Pelay Gels with your first order and get huge savings on our website. But dont worry, you can of course try just one Gel and when you need more, you can always buy another bottle(s) of Pelay Gel.

The Starter Pack also comes with a quick, step-by-step manual on how to effectively use Pelay.

Pelay gel +
Pelay applier =
Pelay starter pack

Now You Know The Theory of What Makes Pelay The Best Solution for PE. Ready to See It In Action? Real 96 Guys With PE Used Pelay, And The Results Are Outstanding! Read the Study and Change Your Life For The Better!
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