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Unbelievable way you can delay ejaculation effortless

Since the beginning of time men have been victims to shame and distress brought on by premature ejaculation PE. Premature Ejaculation PE has driven countless men to lose confidence in their manhood. It goes without saying every man takes pride in his manhood but when that pride becomes damaged he becomes a shell of his former self. Since the beginning of time men have considered themselves the more sexually active gender but those who suffer from premature ejaculation PE are embarrassed not being able to hold out longer and actively seek to avoid getting into sexual situations with the opposite sex. Premature ejaculation is ejaculation that happens too soon for a man and his partner to enjoy sex. There are two types of premature ejaculation, lifelong and acquired. Lifelong by premature ejaculation PE starts early on, usually when you are a teenager experiencing first sexual experience. It has proven harder to cure and most times has deeper psychological causes related to its presence. Bad habits may also contribute like masturbating to climax as fast as possible in order to avoid being caught. Acquired PE happens later in life and is usually triggered by either psychological or physical causes.

A man’s pride is a very delicate thing especially when it comes to sex.

Many young adults have been scarred to life because they couldn’t last longer than 90 second and were laughed at by their partners. Regardless to say being laughed at in bed by your partner would leave a long running trauma on a young man’s mental health which only leads to worsen their by premature ejaculation PE. Physical damage caused by inappropriate ways to masturbate and other such actions has also been a major cause for by premature ejaculation PE. It is unfortunate to say that from a survey we conducted we deduced over 68% of all males have faced this predicament sometimes in their life and more than 7 in 12 men in the USA are also victims of premature ejaculation PE. At the 2006 Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine a report by a USA researcher was submitted declaring the average a normal man can hold out during intercourse in 7.3 minutes, where as one with premature ejaculation PE couldn’t hold out for more than 90 second. At the same congress it was reported that 2.5 per cent of men couldn’t last 90 seconds inside a vagina. Men who can’t last more than 90 second undoubtedly have premature ejaculation PE. Most couples reported that any intercourse that lasted less than 20 minutes was unsatisfactory and that lasted 10 minuet was premature ejaculation PE.

Many techniques and methods but not very helpful

Many men to cure themselves of this condition tried various ways and approached it using different substance. Men have tried using many techniques and methods but have found them to much of a bother and not very helpful. Some even resorted to using dangerous means and some decided to see medical help. Most decided to try various online supplements, pills, gels, lotions, creams and even went as far as to purchase illegal and unsafe products from black markets. They purchased so called wonder drugs that could do away with their premature ejaculation PE in one fell swoop but soon realized they had been scammed. Doctors tried to the best of their knowledge but couldn’t remove the psychological their traumas and in the end after so much try and effort ended up at exactly where they had started. But this was all before the advent of Pelay the ejaculation controller. With the advent of Pelay that is made with the most state of the art technology and from 100% natural occurring ingredients the days that men suffered are gone.

Pelay uses a simple and effortless approach

Pelay uses a simple and effortless approach make sure your sex life goes smooth and without any distress. It’s not like other wonder gel’s found online but a legitimate premature ejaculation PE controller that has gained massive popularity due to its amazing applications. With Pelay’s easy to use and perform characteristics you will regain the confidence you had once lost and will regain your place as king in the bed. With Pelay you can easily last up to 45 minutes in bed without putting in any effort to stop yourself. Just simple add 4 – 5 drops of Pelay on your penis and rub it and see the effects instantly. You read it exactly right it just doesn’t give you 5 or 10 more minute of lasting but gives you a stunning 45 minutes of endurance effortlessly. Special frequency vibrations with the heat-light functionality of the Pelay Applier and Pelay Gel’s unique water-based mixture allow for effective absorption of all the ingredients into the penis cells in a short period of time. Unlike the other desensitizing sprays and gels out here, Pelay does not use Lidocaine, which is a harmful chemical known to cause impotency and other penal issues. Instead, Pelay only uses a combination of several active ingredients that not only help men last longer, but also control the time of the orgasm with the same level of arousal and pleasure when having sex. Though the sensitivity of the penis goes down but due to the lubrication by the gel you can still fully enjoy the pleasure. Pelay is guaranteed to make you last longer ten 45 minutes without any effort from your end, now you can go in with confidence and assuredly that you will deliver a performance like she has never seen before. Pelay is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, thanks to our use of only 100% natural occurring products Pelay is totally natural and safe to use. There is virtually no chance of you or your partner having any complications with Pelay. Many online products re-viewers took it upon themselves and found that they easily lasted for almost an HOUR after using Pelay.

Pelay is made for all ages to use and enables them to effortlessly last up to 45 minutes in bed no matter their age or experience.