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2 Unique solutions for premature ejaculation that works everytime

Premature ejaculation is nothing to be ashamed about. Though it may not be the topic of your typical watercooler conversation, and can sometimes be embarrassing or even ‘taboo’ to talk about, the funny thing is that more men struggle with it than you might think. In fact, a recent study found that nearly 30% of all men deal with premature ejaculation for multiple reasons. From inexperience and age, to anxiety or depression, or occasionally sometimes medical issues, premature ejaculation is not uncommon, but is also treatable for most men in a short amount of time if given the right solutions. Of course, it’s always important if you feel as though your premature ejaculation issues are something serious, to consult with your doctor. However, dealing with this type of struggle when you realize it has become a problem in your sex life, or even your relationship, is completely doable, and there are a couple unique options that can help.

Some solutions work better than others

While there are multiple claimed solutions available today for premature ejaculation, some obviously work better than others. It’s important to find what you’re comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find what might work best for you.

One solution growing in popularity due to the safe and natural nature of it, is behavioral techniques, and even behavioral therapy of some kind. This can range from special exercises, to breathing techniques, and even yoga. Because premature ejaculation is sometimes connected with anxiety or depression, studies find that being able to control your breathing and find yourself in a completely relaxed state regularly can help deal with this issue when it’s needed. Behavioral techniques are typically completely safe as they require nothing more than your own mind and body to work.

One of the most common of these techniques is to masturbate and ejaculate a few hours before having sex, so your desires aren’t as ‘built up’ during sex itself. Another method involves making yourself more comfortable with sexual encounters. Whether you’re somewhat inexperienced with sex, or find yourself feeling a lot of pressure during it, introducing yourself to sexual play, even sex toys or sex ‘therapy’ on your own time can help with premature ejaculation during sex, since you are essentially learning to be more comfortable with it as a whole.

The “pause and squeeze” technique

Another method that somewhat falls into its own category, but is still considered to be a behavioral technique, is called the “pause and squeeze” technique. This technique can be practiced through masturbation, but ultimately requires the help of your partner during intercourse as you allow yourself to ‘build up’ to the point where you feel as though you might ejaculate, and have your partner actually gently squeeze the tip of your penis, until the feeling subsides and you can continue. This kind of technique takes practice and trust, but can work under the right situations.

Creams, lotions, over-the-counter pills, and even prescribed medicine are options for premature ejaculation, each dealing with it a different way but similar ingredients. Some, however, are safer than others. Many of these marketed products have a long list of ingredients that can produce negative, even somewhat scary side effects. A commonly-used substance called Lidocaine is popular in many of these products. Lidocaine is commonly used as a local anesthetic, and can negatively affect the sensitive skin of the penis. Even the ‘less scary’ side effects can be annoying, or disappointing in allowing you the results you’re really looking for, from the effects of the product not lasting very long, to causing too much sensitivity and not allowing you to enjoy your sexual experience. Some require you to use or take them hours, or even days before sex, and worse still, some require you to take them every single day for any sort of result.

Luckily, there is Pelay!

Pelay ( is an on-demand premature ejaculation solution, made up of the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier. When used together and applied to the penis, your sensitivity will be decreased to the point where you can last up to 45 minutes longer. Pelay is a water-based gel that uses the heat-light functionality of the applier to quickly, effectively, and safely decrease sensitivity in just four minutes. No more waiting hours for results, and you only have to use it when you need it, and how often you need it, not every day.

How does Pelay compare to other products? Well, to be blunt, it blows them out of the water. Not only is it completely safe and no side effects have been found in their rigorous testing, but the ingredients in Pelay really speak for themselves. It his a hypoallergenic product, and is dermatologically-tested, so there never needs to be any concern about irritation or negative side effects when you use Pelay, for either you, or your sexual partner. Where many other products use Lidocaine as a way to reduce sensitivity, Pelay understands how it can cause negative effects, and keeps it out of their product entirely.

You might think with the ability to keep an erection for 45 minutes without ejaculating, your sensitivity might be decreased so much that you won’t even enjoy sex. Pelay has you covered there, too. The unique Pelay Gel also works as a natural lubricant during sex, so both you and your partner can enjoy the experience entirely with no negative side effects.

Premature ejaculation can be dealt with and ‘treated’ in a number of ways, but it’s important to find what works best for you, and of course, what is safe. Don’t be afraid to try these unique solutions for yourself, and take control of your sex life once again.