After 4 years of development the Pelay Program with the several pharmacy universities, doctors and urologists from United States and European Union we hired Herman Pro Care CiJak Pvt. LTD, the leading research and testing lab in Finland to complete a clinical study of efficiency of the Pelay Program.

It was not an official clinical study; we were not interested in doing that. We just wanted to see real proof that Pelay actually works!

How we found out our data / About the study

Herman Pro CareLab Pvt. LTD ran a 30-day long, triple-blind, placebo controlled, randomized study of the Pelay Program on 96 real men with PE problems.

50% use PELAY 50% use PLACEBO

All participants were divided into 2 groups. Men in the first group were using real Pelay Gel, the other group just a placebo - a gel that looked exactly the same as the original Pelay Gel but with no active ingredients. Nobody knew if he was using real Pelay Gel or a placebo. That is the only scientific way to achieve REAL data.

The test was triple-blind, which means that there were involved the participants who used Pelay Program or a placebo, researchers running the trial and even doctors, responsible for ensuring health safety of the participants. None of these people knew who is using a placebo and who the real Pelay Program.

regular men, with PE problems / Profile of the Participant

Herman Pro CareLab Pvt. LTD found 96 regular guys with problems in bed. These were young guys, and also men in their best years from all over the world. They all had problems lasting long enough, and none of them were currently using any other solution or treatment for premature ejaculation.

18-60 yrs

All 96 men involved in this trial were aged between 18 and 60 years old. Some were single, and some were in a relationship - both heterosexual and homosexual.

42% Northern and Western Europe 21% Americans 13% African American 12% Asians 12 Middle-East

All participants suffered from premature ejaculation (PE) - the average time of sexual intercourse of our participants before the trial was 2.2 minutes.

The Results Are In:

There were several things we were interested in seeingresults for. Mostly, of course, we wanted to see the efficiency of the usage of Pelay Gel with the Pelay Applier, to maintain better control of ejaculation right after use.

We wanted to know the average time of sexual intercourse before male ejaculation, and also the level of pleasure males have during sex when using Pelay Gel. This is because it is not just about lasting longer, but about enjoying the moment too.

Both groups in our test, the Pelay and the placebo group, followed the instructions that everybody can find in the Pelay Starter Pack - apply a small amount of Pelay Gel onto the penis and use the Applier to massage it for about 4 minutes. After sexual intercourse they were also required to fill out a questionnaire.
After 30 days, we asked them again to fill out another questionnaire about their sex life.

96 participants from 21 countries

Improvement in the length of sexual intercourse Almost every tested man in the Original Pelay group noted an improvement in the time of sexual intercourse after using the Pelay Gel with the Pelay Applier, and they also confirmed that now they are able to better control the specific time of their ejaculation and climax.

19.4 min

Significantly longer intercourse time The average intercourse time of the men in the Pelay group was 2.2 minutes at the start of the study. The average intercourse time the same men filled into their questionnaires after using Pelay was 19.4 minutes - which is a huge difference.


Keeps the same sexual enjoyment as always Less than 9% of tested men in the Pelay group said that they noticed reduced sexual enjoyment after using Pelay Gel. This means the other 91% of tested men enjoyed the sex exactly the same way as always and had no problems achieving an erection and hold it.


The overall results were overwhelmingly positive. No side effects were found during the study. None of the tested men or their sexual partners complained about any problems when using the Pelay Gel.


The Pelay program was shown to be a comparable alternative to prescription PE medications or other OTC treatments on the market, MINUS the risk of unwanted side effects.

If nothing else, almost every man from the test kept using Pelay Gel even after the end of the study. And you will do the same!


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