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It is always the best feeling to read another positive review, a comment or a story from our customers. Not only is their sexual life better thanks to our product, but sometimes we even save their marriages or relationships. And that is something we are proud of, something that keeps us moving forward.

I actually don't suffer from premature ejaculations, just that I met a wild lady between the sheets. She was more of a twenty-minute kind of chick and I was the five-minute guy if you know what I mean. Since I love her so much, I just had to find a solution and that's how I came across Pelay. Since my debut in the "league of extra-ordinary gentle men," my game has improved significantly and we even did it for an hour once. Great product.

Lance Lee (28) Singapore
Aleksander Madura (25) Poland

Its quite interesting how a single product can sometimes change a person's world completely, just like Pelay did for me. A few months ago, my self-esteem was so low and I often remember when I had to use a "wing man" just to help me get a date and probably score at the end of the night. More often than not, ladies always blacklisted my number soon after getting intimate, mainly because of the PE problem I had and it took a toll on my manhood as dates went by. This however, was before a close colleague I opened up to, introduced me to Pelay. I was skeptical at first but after trying it, its like it had some sort of "super-natural powers." My whole confidence and approach to the dating game changed instantly and now, -"I'm the man." Thank you for Pelay.

Sebastian Hale (27) Australia
Jimmie Cox (36) Illinois | USA

I am very glad to have found the only product on the market (in my experience) that works. Before my urologist recommended Pelay, I actually thought I might just have to learn living with the condition. It was quite frustrating having to deal with the painful side effects pinned to using some of these products, which don't even work in the first place. I can frankly say that I'm completely satisfied with Pelay and urge all men out there suffering from PE to give it a try.

Chester Hunter (38) Canada

Pelay Gel is Awesome
I always used to use condoms when I had sex but when me and my wife decided to have kids I started practicing sex without condoms. However, the experience has been so bad that my wife started asking me to use condom from time to time as the sex without a condom would end within seconds. At first I thought that it would get better because I never had sex without a condom before and my penis was too sensitive. However, even after dozens of intercourses I was still ejaculating prematurely and was pretty embarrassed about it. Who knows if I would have ever had sex without a condom had I not found out about the Pelay gel. This gel changed everything about our sex life. When I put it on for the first time and afterwards had sex with my wife I knew that I had found out a product that will drastically improve the way I have sex. Now I can control the duration of the intercourse and fully enjoy the pleasures of intimate contact that only condom-less sex brings. I can finally relax and have sex with my wife without worrying that it will end before it starts.

Max Rogers (38) USA

This Gel is Awesome
I could not believe that a product that simple and easy to use could solve premature ejaculation problems of my husband. And the best part is that it has no downsides, there are no allergic reactions, no bad smell and it cannot transfer to your partner. An absolutely amazing product that I recommend to every guy that has issues with his sexual stamina.

Julie Rodriquez (34) Texas | USA
Susane (46) Austria
Isaac Mitchelle (32) Saudi Arabia

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